Weaver3 Studio

Weaver3 Studio 3D Slicer demo showing on monitor

Weaver3 Stuido

Weaver3 Studio is a free slicer dedicated to fabWeaver,
ensuring the highest printing quality. It provides an intuitive and
user-friendly interface so that even beginners can use it easily,
and advanced features such as 'Customized Mode'
offer the various options for experts.

Download (Windows, 64 bit)
System Requirements

1. Get the best print quality.

When using genuine filament and Soluble Support,
highly verified profile values are automatically set to
ensure the highest print quality. In addition, it supports
stable printing by checking in advance for errors that
may occur during the printing through the
“Abnormal printing check” function.

Weaver3 Studio Slicer Demo screen

2. Easy to use.

With intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX and automatic
profile setting function, even beginners can 3D
printing with just a few clicks.

Weaver3 Studio Basic Mode Profile Setting screen

3.Provides advanced
features for professionals.

In ‘Customized Mode’, various options are provided for
professionals, allowing you to directly control the print
quality required by experts even in various conditions
such as complex shapes and materials.

Weaver3 Studio Custom Mode screenshot

4. Save money with optimized
support auto setup.

The “Hybrid Support” function automatically
sets the support structure with soluble material
only for the model contact part. This minimizes
the use of expensive soluble filaments to reduce
printing costs.

fabWeaver Weaver3 Studio hybrid support demo screenshot

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